Exceedingly good cakes

Date: June 22, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Fundraising, PTFA Events

You can’t say more!  Mr Rome was the first to buy one of the many cakes brought in by the generous parents of Woodcote Primary School.  And what cakes!  Our mystery cake maker has clearly gone to alot of trouble and I bet Woodcote Primary has never had such great personalised cupcakes.

We of course had a great offering of cakes this year and even the Children’s Tombolas went on for longer than usual I think.

Alot of hard work goes into events and especially the Summer Fair which may seem to run like a well oiled wheel (cough cough!) there is blood sweat and tears leading up to the Fair and long hard worked hours by a great many volunteers on, before and the day after the Summer Fair.

Don’t be fooled, we do all enjoy organising and running the Fair but we could sure do with more help so don’t leave it to someone else next time.  If you haven’t volunteered, ‘just do it’ – we don’t bite!

Summer Fair 2013 Review

Well, it was touch and go with the weather but it seems that our British climate is becoming more changeable and unpredictable.  I’m going to put in a word to the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) to see if we can’t just hold our Summer Fair in Cyprus.  Somewhere where we might have a better guarantee of summer sunshine!

Fortunately we took a chance and ploughed ahead with setting up outdoors and the decision was proved correct as it seems the worst of the weather hit before the 1pm start.  And thankfully our zorbing guys took a chance too, the weather forecasters would have had a lot to answer for if they hadn’t have trusted their instincts and enjoyed themselves so much last year.


We had most stalls running but more volunteers equals more and better run stalls.  The Year 5 & 6 stalls were a great success and we had good feedback.  We’ll make this a regular section for sure.  The kids loved it and the parents thought it was a great idea.

The Under Five’s Area took a while to get up and running with a bit of a delay on getting a Bouncy Castle that actually worked but it all came together.  Special thanks to Beanies Cafe and Kirsty from MAD Academy for their patience!  We will definitely refine this activity!

Thanks also to Park and Bailey who ran the Aunt Sally Stall for a few hours and Alex and Lawrence from Premier Sports (Chewitt’s Holiday Clubs to the rest of us) who were fantastic and with us all day on the Coconut Shy.  It seems most of us need to practice our bowling techniques….

Hopefully everyone tried and appreciated the food.  Thanks to the regular BBQ and Sandy running the kitchen we had a great variety of food.  And, as has become a little bit of a tradition Kim and her mum running the Pavilion were fantastic.  Wasn’t it nice this year to get refreshments coming round for the volunteers!

What more can I say?  We certainly can’t have expected more given the weather.  So thank you to all who helped and attended and made our Fair FAB!