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Into Africa

Date: February 19, 2017 Author: Nick Browne Categories: Latest News

We often donate extra stock from our huge store of second hand uniform to local charity shops.  This time however, we donated to an orphanage in Northern Zambia, supporting a charity close to our Secretary Sarah’s heart.  And this half-term, Charlie (the Charity representative) told us the kids all turned up to school early as they were so proud of their new school uniforms!

These well uniformed orphans were dressed at no cost to the PTFA but were helped through the amazing donations of uniform that we receive from you.  We always have more supply than demand, so rest assured that all extra donations will most certainly go to a good cause.

Hope4Chilubula was started  in July 2005 as a charity supporting an orphanage in the Chilubula region  in Northern Zambia.

Mainly helping AIDS orphans from the Chilubula region, they help approximately 40 children every year aged from 6 to 10 years old.  In addition to the orphanage, the charity sponsor some older children to go to secondary school and also provide food for some of the poorest families in the area.

What the charity has achieved so far:

  • The construction of a school building, meaning the nursery school that started under a mango tree now has a permanent structure, a kitchen and three toilet blocks
  • Digging of a borehole with a hand pump to provide clean, safe drinking water
  • A class of nursery age children given lessons three days a week
  • The nursery age children given two meals on the days they attend for lessons
  • Older children fed on the two other days a week
  • Two adult literacy classes held each week
  • Funds used to employ a manager and administrative assistant to oversee the running of the projects, two teachers, several cooks and a handyman
  • A number of older children being sponsored through secondary school and/or college
  • A significant increase in the amount of food grown for feeding the children​









For more details see the charity’s website or if you’d like to support them click here for their Just Giving page.