The Woodcote PTFA Theatre Club is here to help families access theatre productions with affordable great value tickets.

This page should tell you all you need to know about how the PTFA Theatre Club works. You don’t have to ‘join’ – just keep updated and book whenever you would like to see a show.

Check the Performances available, prices and book your tickets by clicking here.


What is Theatre Club?

By arranging group bookings with theatres the PTFA are able to buy discounted tickets and that taking a trip to the theatre is much more affordable.

Many of our bookings have been with our local theatre, Fairfield Halls, but we arrange regular group bookings at West End theatres too. Often we’ll add a donation to your ticket price and we may even get free tickets from the theatre depending how many we sell. So, this means great value tickets and family trips out for you and lots of fab funds raised for us.

We will advertise shows that we think people will like but if you hear of something that you would like to see and other families may be interested in then let us know. The larger the group, often the better the discount! Previous shows include Jamie, Six, Tina, Book of Mormon, Frozen, Horrible Science and Horrible Histories, Aladdin, The Lion King, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wicked and many more! Some we’ve been to more than once!

How will I know what is showing?

The best way is to check our events website which will tell you the date, time and prices and provide a link to the relevant booking form. You can also become friends with us on Facebook by searching Friends of Woodcote Primary. Here we will update you when a new show is added.

How much will tickets cost?

Tickets will vary depending on the production. We will make it very clear before booking how much the tickets will be. All ticket prices shown will include any relevant theatre booking fees. There will be an additional charge for late bookings (see below).

Will I pay a booking fee?

If a Theatre booking fee applies this will be incorporated into the ticket price advertised. However our events site also has a nominal platform fee and a Stripe charge which unfortunetly we cannot avoid.

Can I choose which day to go?

Unfortunately not. As this is a group booking, the tickets need to be booked for the same performance. We will try and choose the date and time which is likely to be the most convenient for the majority of people e.g weekend matinee. In general we will not choose an evening performance for family shows as these can often end way past our bedtime!

Does the PTFA receive any money?

Sometimes group bookings allow a free ticket for every ten or so booked. This means that the value of this free ticket will act as a donation to the PTFA and will help to cover administration costs. The more tickets we sell the more the PTFA will recieve whilst still passing on a tremendous discount to families as part of the ‘bulk buy’. However the Theatre Club is not just a fundraising scheme – it has been established primarily to encourage and enable Friends to attend the theatre and enjoy great shows.

Will we get good seats?

The earlier we book the better the seats will be. We will try and indicate what seats are available but seat allocation will vary depending how quickly we are able to confirm tickets. We will always reserve the best seats available at the time. For most shows we will reserve a number of seats ahead of advertising and therefore these seats are guaranteed for our Theatre Club booking. To be fair, seats will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. So, the earlier you get in your booking form after we advertise the better.

Can I sit next to my friends?

It will help if you book your tickets together as we can then make sure that you are seated together. This scheme is run by PTFA volunteers and so we try to make the system as simple as possible!

However, if you are unable to do this just write a note of the friends you wish to sit next to in the notes section on the booking form and we will do our best to select neighbouring tickets.

Remember you don’t have to book tickets only for school families. You are welcome to use this booking system for anyone you would like to go to the theatre with.

How do I book?

Just click on the weblink from the details of the show you wish to see on the Performances page. This will take you to the online booking page on the events website for that performance

How will I get my tickets?

Once we have bee issued with tickets we will deliver them via your child’s class to take home. If for any reason we are unable, or you do not want us to to do this we will leave your tickets at the theatre Box Office for you to collect on the day of the performance.

What if I miss the deadline?

Deadlines are usually set way in advance so this shouldn’t happen! However, if you find that you have missed a deadline then tickets will be subject to availability and volunteer time. Tickets will be charged at an additional £5 per ticket. This is still much cheaper than the face value of your tickets and of course this additional money is more fundraising.

We hope that you enjoy using the Theatre Club!

If you have any comments, suggestions or performances what you would like us to add please let us know!