The Committee

The main PTFA Committee is made up of a Chair, Co or Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary who work very hard throughout the year. Other Committee member join sub-committees to help organise events and vote for what activities to run, how much money to spend and what fundraised money should be spent on. Ideas for events and how funds should be spent can come from you too. Just contact us. If you have an ideas.

Class representatives

The Class Representative idea was introduced in 2012 . The aim is for each class to have at least one representative (some classes have up to three!).

Class Reps are your first point of contact for the PTFA. They share information about what is going on and pass back ideas and comments from you about how events are run, what money should be spent on and feedback on the work that the PTFA is doing. Class Reps also help organise class activities such as a Fair Stall and help to source and co-ordinate volunteers and class design work etc for events.

If you don’t have a Class Rep (click here to see the current Class Rep list) or you would like to share the role then please email