DISPLACED CHILDREN NEED YOUR HELP. We will be collecting for families from Mariupol and Kharviv, who are now in Cherkasy Oblast. The children, aged between 6 and 17 years, and their school, are in need of certain items which include:  

For school children and their siblings

– rucksacks, stationery

– trainers, hoodies, tracksuits, waist coats, winter jackets

– baby formula, nappies, wipes, bottles, baby food

For their bomb shelter

– sleeping bags, portable toilets, power banks, portable lights

– thermal flasks, torches, camping mats, first aid kits

For families

– cereal/energy bars, dried fruits

– instant soups/ noodles, tinned meat and tuna (ring pull)

– chocolate, tea and coffee

Volunteers will be at the gates next Thursday and Friday morning at drop off.  Anything you can give will be much appreciated. 

For further information or if you would like to find out how you can help, please email Sacha directly on aidin4ukraine@gmail.com. Thank you for your continued support.